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Vape Manufacturers & E- Cigarette Reatilers Insurance

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Vape Manufacturers & E-Cigarette Retailers Insurance Overview

Vape Manufacturers & E-Cigarette Retailers Insurance in Bensalem PA, Southampton PA, Newtown PA, and the Greater Philadelphia Area 

Commercial Insurance Solutions for Vape and E-Cigarette Retailers and Manufacturers 

Vaporizers and e-cigarettes are still a new and growing product market. As a vape retailer and/or manufacturer, you face unique liabilities and exposures in a complicated insurance space. You cover all your customers’ needs when it comes to their e-cigarettes, cartridges, batteries, and oils. At Street Road Insurance & Tags, we’ll cover for you if anything goes wrong with any of those products or your store. 

Why Do I Need Specialized Insurance? 

Due to the relatively new technology behind it, laws surrounding the vape industry and its products are changing all the time. Being a part of that industry, you need a policy that provides protection beyond what’s included with a standard commercial insurance plan. You also need an agency that will keep up with industry regulations and ensure your business operations remain adequately covered. 

Our agents at Street Road Insurance & Tags understand the needs of e-cigarette retailers and manufacturers, but we also track shifts in state and federal legislation to keep you compliant through it all. As an independent agency, we’re able to shop several specialized carriers to find your best coverage options and prices. 

The plans we write typically include coverage for: 
  • Commercial general liability 
  • Commercial property insurance 
  • Product liability 
  • Burglary & theft 
  • And more… 
No Health Hazard Exclusion 

Perhaps the most important feature of Street Road Insurance & Tags’s vape shop insurance plans is that there are no health hazard exclusions. Policies with these exclusions can expose you to personal injury liability and other financial risk. 

Take a load off your mind and contact our staff at Street Road Insurance & Tags so we can build the right coverage for you. We’ll create a comprehensive insurance plan specific to your shop with rates you can afford and protection standards that we maintain across all of our policies.